Solution of Single-Pass Inkjet Printer

As a technology company of inkjet printers, we offer our clients a range of solutions for inkjet printers, including UV single-pass printers based on the Epson I3200 printhead, a water-based single printer based on HP printheads.

PCB Motherboards and Program For the Single Pass Printer

We will provide you with one-stop technical service support for your single-pass printer assembling. In addition to providing stable motherboards and programs, we can also provide brand-new print heads, host computer software, RIP software, etc.

PCB boards for HP single pass printers, and Epson I3200 printheads
PCB boards for single-pass printers

In addition, we provide a one-year warranty replacement service, remote technical debugging service, software customization service, etc. We will work with our customers to create stable and high-quality single-pass inkjet printers.

UV Single-Pass Printer With Epson I3200 Printhead

Epson I3200 printhead UV type single-pass printer prints on the plastic caps. It can also print on a variety of materials like paper bags, metal, tiles…

UV single-pass printer

Pigment Single-Pass Printer with HP Printhead

With a 21cm format of one printhead, the pigment single-pass printer can print larger sizes than UV. What’s more, it still can be applied to as many as 6 printheads.

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If you are interested in cooperating with us to build an excellent single-pass printer, feel free to contact us for more details.