Single Pass Corrugated Carton & Package Printer

HP Printhead Single Pass Inkjet Printer

Packaging printers need to be fast, low cost, and stable to support packaging manufacturers’ production tasks. However, although the traditional flatbed printer can perform large-format fast printing tasks, the speed is slow and the price is high, which is not suitable for packaging and printing needs in small batches. Therefore, a simple-to-operate, low-cost single-pass printer came into being.

Fast Printing

The HK-SP-HPX model single-pass ink printer can print fast on carton packaging at a speed of 20m2/min. This printing speed can basically meet the needs of small batch packaging customization.

Single pass carton and corrugated printer

HP Customizable Wide Format Print Heads

We use HP printing nozzles, and the printing format of a single nozzle is 210mm. Multiple nozzles can be customized according to customer needs to obtain larger-format printing needs. We can currently support printers with up to 6 HP printheads.

Low-Cost Inks – Individual Eco-Friendly Cartridges

You can add ink to the ink cartridges yourself to suit your needs. We don’t use encrypted ink cartridges, which bind to high ink prices. Instead, you can buy suitable inks in the market, so your cost of using the printer becomes very low.

CMYK full-color printing

Without a doubt, we offer CYMK full-color printing technology. You can also set up monochrome printing yourself in the software.

OEM & ODM Support

As a technology provider, we can provide custom OEM and ODM support. We have rich experience to provide customers with the fastest and most complete solutions to their needs.

If you are interested in our one-pass printers, you are welcome to contact us. We will provide you with sample printing and testing, and give you a comprehensive introduction to our printers and various solutions (UV single-pass printer)

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  1. Nico Smit says:

    Good day. I am looking for a digital industrial inkjet printer to print corrugated boxes. The print width we need is 330mm. 300dpi would be ok, but 600dpi preferred. The flat cartons are max 700mm long. We need to be able to print 2 per minute. Ink: I am considering UV or solvent based inks. Cost, reliability and very low risk of clogging jets is important. I also to understand cost per print area in terms of the different inks as well as head life and replacement cost. Thanks

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