RobotJet Single Pass Printer’s Solution

Direct to packaging single pass printer

RobotJet aka HKHRBJ WallPrinter or HKHRHN WallPrinter is our brand for inkjet printers, we offer solutions for single pass direct to packages printers, vertical wall printers, Flatbed inkjet printers,s and any other customized printers based on Epson, HP, Ricoh printheads.

Solutions of single pass direct to packages printer

Solutions of Direct To Packages Single Pass Inkjet Printers

We created the driving system for HP452 and HP FI-10000 printheads. Thus, for a single printhead, the printer can support a 21.5cm or 29.7cm printing format. What’s more, the system can support multiple printheads for large formats.

TWO HP 452 printheads of 42cm single pass printer

Roll to Roll Single Pass Printing

To achieve highly efficient printing, the HP single pass printer can also print by Roll-To-Roll, the speed of which is around 6 meters/minute

HP single-pass printer with Roll to Roll


HP single-pass printer uses pigment and dye ink, thus it can print on paper and cartons with CMYK full color.

Paper Bags

For a single printhead, it can print 21cm maximum on paper or carton bags, as well as canvas bags.

Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes are also available for printing with CMYK full colors. The single pass inkjet system can print 13 meters/minute direct on the pizza carton boxes.

Eggs Carton

The printhead can lift 6cm to print on the egg cartons. So you don’t need to lay down the box to print.

Customization of the single-pass printer is available

If you need a special single-pass printer based on our system, we are able to customize one for you. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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