UV full color single pass printer applies on various application. Like Meal box printing, face mask printing, stationery printing, food packaging printing, medical packaging printing and other packaging materials printing, etc.

Face Mask Directly Printing

You can print your logo directly on the medical surgical mask with full color. Thanks to the single pass technology, the printing process is very fast and efficient. 

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Logo Printing on Bottle Cap

After plasma treatment, the UV printer can print directly on the plastic bottle cap. The image is waterproof and wear-resistant. 

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Technical Parameters

Printing Performance: Full Color Single Pass Inkjet Printing

Printhead Type: I3200

Printing Speed: 1440*600 Dpi 22m/min, 720*300Dpi 44m/min, 360*300Dpi 88m/min

Character Height: Single printhead 1-33mm, Double print head 1-66mm, Three printheads: 1-99mm, Four print head: 1-132mm

Printing Distance: 1-5mm, best at 2mm

Printing Direction: Vertically and Horizontally are available 

Ink: UV curable ink

Interface Language:  English & Chinese (can be customized)

Printing Characters: English, Chinese, Arabic numerals, serial number, bar code, automatic date, trademark pattern, any special font

Temperature and Humidity:  0-45 degrees, relative humidity 0-95% non-condensing

Data Interface: Ethernet port, 485, USB

Electrical Requirements: AC100-240V/60HZ