Digital Single-Pass Printer For Packaging

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The digital single pass printer for packagings can apply to printing on paper bags, cotton bags, canvas bags, carton boxes, and any other absorbent substrates.

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Single Pass Printing on Carton Boxes

It will help your marking on the carton and corrugated packages. 

Single Pass Printing on Egg Carton

There is no problem for it to print on any paper materials with large format and faster printing speed.

Single Pass Printing on Canvas and Cotton Bags

Now, you can have the waterproof ink to print on the canvas and cotton bags.

—————————————————TECHNICAL PARAMETERS———————————————-

Printing Performance: Full Color Single Pass Inkjet Printing

Printing Speed: 1200×1200 Dpi 20m/min

Ink: HP Origin Pigment Ink

Printing Characters: English, Chinese, Arabic numerals, serial number, bar code, automatic date, trademark pattern, any special font

Data Interface: Ethernet port, 485, USB

Printhead Type: HP452

Character Height: Single printhead 1-210mm, Double print head 1-420mm, Three printheads: 1-630mm, Four print head: 1-840mm

Printing Direction: Vertically and Horizontally are available 

Interface Language:  English & Chinese (Language can be customized)

Temperature and Humidity:  0-45 degrees, relative humidity 0-95% non-condensing

Electrical Requirements: AC100-240V/60HZ

10 thoughts on “Digital Single-Pass Printer For Packaging

  1. Nikos Souliotis says:

    dear sirs,

    we are a company dealing machines to the printing industry
    we are intersted in your printing machines
    could you please send us more techical specification and prices of your machines?

  2. Norbert OTT says:

    Hi Alex
    We are a custom machine manufacturer looking for a single pass printer for our projects. We are interested in both UV printing and water based inks.

    Can you send us detailed documentation and also give us prices for OEM application.

    We are looking forward to your feedback.
    Best regards

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