Full-Color Digital LED UV Single-Pass Printer


With the LED UV curable lamp, the digital single-pass printer can print on various substrates including non-absorbent materials like acrylic, plastic, glass, tiles, metal…

Single Pass Printing White and Black on the Acrylic


mart Ink Alarm System

In Advance warning of insufficient ink level to avoid downtime

Integrated Ink Circuit System

Integrated negative pressure ink circuit system for easy maintenance
Stable negative pressure ink pressure supply system to achieve perfect printing effect.

Any Color Printing

It can print any color, gold, silver, etc. without replacing the specific ink.

Unique Printheads

The constant temperature system design greatly mentions the printing accuracy of ink droplets and improves the printing quality 360-degree Omni-directional printing, suitable for printing at any angle.

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Single Pass Inkjet Printer

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