Directly Print to Paper Bags Single Pass Printer

Direct to Packaging printer

Choosing an inkjet single-pass printer to print on paper bags can significantly improve the efficiency of marking production.

inkjet single pass printer for paper bags printing

Paper Bags Printer

Inkjet single pass paper bags printer can directly print on paper bags, with CMYK color, the image will come out in completely full color.

Paper bags printed by single pass printer
Paper bags printed by single pass printer

Speed of Printing on Paper Bags

The speed of printing on paper bags depends on the printing resolution. HP452 printheads offer 1200dpi at the highest resolution, and in which the printing speed can reach 10 meters per minute.

Ink consumption and Ink Price

The paper bags printer uses an ink tank in which users can refill cheap ink instead of using expensive carriages.

Dimension of Printing

HP452 printhead provides a 21.5cm printing width, and 100cm length for the images. Users can adjust the dimension of the printing on the software.

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  1. Brian O Connor says:

    Hello I’m just inquiring about your printer that can print on to paper bags and boxes.
    Can it print half moon shapes.
    That wrap a round paperecups
    All so what would be the cost of the macu
    Regards Brian

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