Direct To Egg Cartons Printing-Inkjet CMYK Pigment Printer

Egg Cartons printer

If you want to print images or text on the egg carton, it is usually done by printing technology. Plates are made first, then dyes are used to print on egg cartons. But if you need small batch printing, it is faster and cheaper to use inkjet printing technology.

Direct To Packaging Printer

HK-SP-HPX inkjet printer is a printer developed based on HP inkjet printing technology. It can print color marks directly on a variety of packaging, such as printing logos on egg carton packaging.

CMYK Pigment Ink

Egg pulp carton printers use pigmented inks, which are waterproof, high adhesion, and print on a wide variety of cartons with high-quality colors

21cm-29.7cm Printing Format

With one printhead, the egg carton printer can print 21cm or 29.7cm printing width on the packaging.

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