Cost-effective Single-Pass Inkjet Printer Made in China

single pass inkjet printer

If you are looking for a cost-effective single-pass inkjet printer, then you must come to the Chinese market. Because we are offering application-rich single-pass printers, they are sure to help your business.

Single-pass inkjet printer based on UV curing technology

If you need to print on these materials, then you must buy a UV single-pass inkjet printer: glass, plastic, metal, ceramic tile, and other substrates with coatings or varnishes.

Because these materials cannot allow water-based inks such as pigments and dye inks to soak in and color. And UV ink can be directly cured on the substrate by the UV lamp. Of course, UV inks can also be cured on other absorbent substrates such as paper.

It should be noted that not all materials can be cured by UV technology. Some special materials such as smooth tile substrates require special coating pretreatment before direct printing. Therefore, before buying a UV printer, we usually provide customers with a sample printing test, which is very important work

This video shows how our UV single-pass inkjet printer prints on the plastic caps.
This solution is provided by our technical team, including the feeder and the conveyor.

Coffee Cup Sleeves/ Jackets and Paper Bags Single-Pass UV Printing

UV Single-Pass Printing White and Black on the Acrylic

Pigment and dye-based single-pass inkjet printer For Packaging Marking Purpose

We provide very cost-effective water-based ink single-pass inkjet printers, a single print head can print 21 cm, and the printing width can be expanded by increasing the number of print heads. If you are looking for a full-color packaging single-pass printing solution, then this single-pass inkjet printer will be one of your choices.

Compared with UV single-pass inkjet printers, this water-based full-color printer is more cost-effective. As a 20cm+ wide one-pass printer, its price is only about $10,000.

We printed on canvas bags directly with pigment ink and did a washing test. The ink didn’t fall off the bag, and the color looks nice.

We tested the color on A4 paper. The image shows good quality on the white background paper.

More testing printing on the cardboard, and boxes.

We are located in China, and we offer our clients inkjet printing solutions for 8 years. The single-pass inkjet printer is new on the market, it shows great advantages in good quality, full color, and fast printing speed. If you have packages to mark, welcome to contact me for consulting our single-pass inkjet solutions.

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