single pass inkjet printer

Single Pass inkjet UV printer 

Easy operation design, up to 88m/min printing speed, CMYK full color, UV curable ink, Epson I3200 Printheads.

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Direct to packaging Printer

21cm-29.7cm for one printhead, maximum up to 6 printheads. At printing speed of 20 Square meter per minute.

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Direct to packaging single pass printer


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Directly Printer to Cartons of Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes

Using Pigment ink-based single-pass printer can print CMYK full color directly on cartons, cardboard, and [...]

Directly Print to Paper Bags Single Pass Printer

Paper bags inkjet single pass printer can directly print CMYK full color images on paper [...]

RobotJet Single Pass Printer’s Solution

RobotJet aka HKHRBJ WallPrinter or HKHRHN WallPrinter is our brand for inkjet printers, we offer [...]

Direct To Egg Cartons Printing-Inkjet CMYK Pigment Printer

Direct to packaging printer, CMYK pigment ink on the egg cartons, 21-29.7cm, 30 meters/minutes printing [...]

Cost-effective Single-Pass Inkjet Printer Made in China

If you are looking for a cost-effective single-pass inkjet printer, then you must come to [...]

Single Pass Corrugated Carton & Package Printer

Packaging printers need to be fast, low cost, and stable to support packaging manufacturers' production [...]

Full-Color Digital LED UV Single-Pass Printer

With the LED UV curable lamp, the digital single-pass printer can print on various substrates [...]

Digital Inkjet One Pass Printer for Paper and Package Printing

With the single-pass inkjet industrial printer, the packages pass below the printhead only once time, [...]